Give Your Bed A Break: 5 Other Places To Bone

5 Places to Have Sex That Are Not Your Bed

Having sex in the bedroom can be a bit boring after a while. Expanding your sex life to other rooms - or corners - in the house can be a great way to bring some excitement to the relationship, especially now that we're under quarantine. It does require some creativity and experimentation but it can lead to awesome times. 

Don’t know where (or how) to get started? We made a list of 5 places to experiment. #HotTip: you and your partner can make a bucket list of places to try inside your home. This can also be done for solo sex! 

1. Washer/Dryer

That pile of dirty clothes is looking at you for a few days now? This will give you a reason to wash your clothes. It might sound odd, but it’s a great place to get down and dirty. Lying on top of the machine while it’s turned on can contribute to more intense orgasm - because of the vibrations. #Protip: try it when there is a warm or hot wash for extra heat - the warmth against naked skin adds to the sensuality of the moment. 

2. Against the Bathroom Sink

A lot of us are familiar with some rub-a-duck action in the tub, but have you tried the sink? The sink can be a great support for a doggy style position and both of you can look in the mirror during the entire time. You can even turn the water hot or cold and splash it over your body for extra sensation. 

3. On the kitchen counter

A kitchen counter can be an amazing place to get all kinky. You can sit on the counter and have your legs around your partner or lean forward. Or have both people laying down on the counter. Super sexy. 

4. In the Balcony

It’s spring and since we shouldn’t be going outside, we can enjoy it from the safety of our home - well, balcony. You can lay out a few blankets and enjoy the fresh air together or lean against the balcony while your partner stays behind you and both of you can enjoy the view. This one can be fun for being also sex in the public - but with so many people at home now, make sure there is no one watching.

5. On A Shag Rug

There is just something extremely carnal about having sex on the floor. Don’t just look at it - let your entire body feel that sensation. Enjoy that soft and cozy rug to explore each other's bodies. You can be as rough as you want without mattress springs squeaking or headboards banging. 

What other places could we add to the list?!


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    Great tips! I’ve done the kitchen one already and has really fun. You can add the stairs to the list too

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