5 Ways to Make Your Winter Sex Hotter


Winter is almost over, but not quite yet. It is that time of the year that the days are longer, darker, and we look forward to staying all day in our sweatpants. On top of that, a lot of people have a decrease in their sexual drive during the cold months. With less sunlight and Vitamin D exposure, it’s common for the libido to lower along with your serotonin levels. 

The good news is that you can turn the heat on in the bedroom. Here are five simple ways to get you in the mood and enjoying sex during winter. 

1. Drink a hot cup of tea before oral sex

Let’s start with a fun trick: oral sex with a twist. Get a warm cup of tea and invite your partner to come to the couch. They will think you are getting ready to spend some cozy time watching Netflix when, in fact, you’ll take a drink, swoosh it around your mouth, and give your partner a unique oral sex experience. When you drink hot tea, your mouth and tongue get some of that warmth and transfer the sensation to your partner’s vulva or penis.  

Make it extra hot by drinking peppermint tea. The peppermint gives a tingly sensation in your tongue and in their vulva/penis.

2. Take a warm shower together

Take advantage of a hot and steamy shower to bring your sex energy back up. Turn the water on a little bit before you go into the bathroom to have some steam going. You can explore different sensations with hot/cold water, the shower head, or using a waterproof toy at the same time. With a partner you can use the towel for some BDSM play, like tying them up or some spanking. 

While you’re in the bathroom you can also explore different places to have sex that are not the tube or standing shower. For example, on top of the sink or using the toilet as support. 

3. Winterize your sex positions

Winter sex begs for positions that generate more body heat and increase intimate connections. Try positions that force you to touch and make skin contact - the more contact the better. 

One of the best positions to increase intimacy and skin touch is the Lotus. One of the partners sits up and climbs onto the others’ lap, face-to-face. If you want, you can grab a blanket and wrap it around your body like a cape before you sit down. When you get into the position, you can wrap your partner as well. This position is great for eye to eye contact and intense kisses.

Make it extra hot by doing it in front of a fireplace. 


Image by Shape.com

4. Watch a movie together

When you watch movies, your hormones are also responding to it. A research from University of Michigan found that watching a romantic movie can boost progesterone levels more than 10%, bringing couples closer together. Sexy movies can break that night routine so many couples fall into when sex becomes the farthest consideration rater than the first option. 

Here is a list with 10 sexy movies available on Netflix that you can watch tonight.

  • Love 
  • Black Swan
  • Casablanca
  • Chloe
  • Below her mouth
  • Newness
  • Amar (Spanish is always damn sexy, isn’t it?)
  • Oh, Romana
  • The babysitter
  • The feels

If you need that extra push, watch porn together. Besides getting turned on, you can use it as a medium to talk with your partner about your fantasies and what you like in bed. 

5. Add some warming lube

Whether we are talking about sex with a partner or solo sex, warming lubricants can do wonders for you. Warming lubricants have special ingredients, for example peppermint, that increase blood flow and give a tingly sensation. They are a simple and effective way to significantly intensify pleasure.

One of the most popular warming lubes for beginners is the Aqua Heat from Wicked, it’s a water-based vegan lubricant and some fans of this product describe it as “playing with fire and not getting burned”.

Make it even better by warming the lube before you use it. You can put the lubricant in the microwave for a few seconds and then apply. 

There are many other ways to increase your libido and pleasure during winter. Trying new things together is a great way to spice up the relationship and build genuine connections. These ideas can bond a couple and make you feel more connected to each other and to yourself.

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