Knowing Your Love Language Can Lead to Better Sex

What’s Your Love Language And Why Does It Matter?

Gary Chapman changed the way we view relationships when he published his book “The Five Love Languages”. According to him, everyone expresses their love in a different way, most of which fall into 5 different categories: acts of service, physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts. 

Understanding your partner's love language(s) - and yours - can do wonders for your relationship. After all, if you know the best ways to their heart, you can save yourself from pouring thought and effort into the other ways that are not as impactful. 

The best way to find out your love language is thru this quiz made by Gary Chapman. 

Now that you know your love language, here’s where things get exciting. Wanna know how your love language relates to your sex life? Keep reading. 

Acts of Service

Even though sex should be a reciprocal act, once in a while dedicate yourself to satisfy your partner’s sexual whim whether with oral sex, fantasies, or handjobs. Giving them special attention will make them feel loved. 

Physical Touch

Try not to focus only on foreplays, but also take your time caressing, stroking, and kissing each other. The physical touch can also be built during the day by cuddling, holding hands, and massaging each other.

Quality Time

The best way to show your love to someone that appreciates quality time is by being aware and present. As with any mindful practice, the secret is changing your perception from having sex to being sex. Focus on the connection that you’re experiencing and try not to rush out of the moment. Make some eye to eye contact and take things slowly.

Words of Affirmation

By telling all the characteristics you love about your partner during sex you will find the surefire way to engage in this particular love language. It can also be a gateway to dirty talk, which is a stellar means of spicing up a relationship in general. 

Receiving Gifts 

The great thing about this love language is that it benefits you too. Try to surprise your partner with gifts that will level up things inside the bedroom, such as sex toys, sexy underwear, blindfolds, erotic literature...



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