What Does It Mean To Be Sexually Empowered?

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There are many studies about the connection between how someone feels about themselves and how they express, or not, their sexuality. There is something liberating and powerful about sex, and we want you to access this power and use it to improve your self-esteem, confidence, and become the badass person you are meant to be. 

In this blog, you'll learn about:

What comes to mind when you think about sexuality? 

You probably think about intercourse or your sexual feelings, right? In reality, sexuality is much more than that - it's a very important part of who we are. Sexuality includes all the feelings, thoughts and behaviours of being a female/male/other; being attracted and attractive to others; being in love; and being with a partner in a sexual context. It also includes enjoyment of the world as we know it through our five senses: taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight.  

According to Dennis M. Dailey, sexuality can be divided in five main areas. 

five circles of sexuality

We all have a circle(s) that feels more familiar to us, and embracing your sexuality means understanding and accepting all of them. The five circles of sexuality are a great way to start our journey on sexual empowerment. 

Ok... So what does it mean to be sexually empowered?

According to Jamie LeClaire, a sexologist and sex and relationship educator located in Philadelphia, someone can be considered sexually empowered if that person has power over their decisions and over their body. Sexual empowerment does not necessarily mean having a lot of sex. A person could be having sex every day and still not feel good nor empowered. It’s about getting to know yourself and what makes you feel good, not feeling ashamed for your desires and being aware that achieving your best sexual life is in your hands and not in someone else’s. So feeling empowered is really feeling confident and in control of your decisions. 

Giving yourself permission to have pleasurable sex, and most importantly saying no when something is not working for you, is a big step in achieving and expressing sexual empowerment. The first step here is being aligned with your values and boundaries while practicing self-acceptance of your sexuality. Sex therapist Janet Brito says that it’s important to express our sexuality while being honest, and respectful, and without being exploitative of self or others.

Easy said than done right? Stepping into our sexual selves can be hard and each person will have their own obstacles. It often brings emotional ups and downs and probably some awkward experiences, but the benefits are incredible. 

The benefits of Sexual Empowerment 

Owning your sexuality not only makes you feel complete, it also has positive ripple effects in all of your life’s endeavours like self-confidence, optimism, empathy and speaking up and sharing ideas more in work, school, social, family and relationship situations. The benefits of sexual empowerment are truly endless, you become a force of nature. 

If we can embrace, understand and nurture its energy, sexual empowerment is the pilot light inside of you. When you allow yourself to release it, this energy can flow, colour and improve all areas of your life: whether it is cooking, money making, painting, dancing, teaching, mothering, fucking, or examining your own ideas and life.

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