Everything You Need To Know About Erogenous Zones

erogenous zones in a female body

From the greek "Eros" (love) and "Genous" (producing), erogenous zones are spots in the body that have the potential to create sexual arousal. Do you remember when Monica explained the 7 female erogenous zones to Chandler? We could never forget her SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN orgasm (if you don't know what we are talking about, scroll down to see the video). But the truth is the entire body has erogenous potential. Hot spots go from head to toe, and are different for each person.

Let's dive in!

The zones you might have heard of

The Vulva

  • ClitorisWith around 8,000 nerve endings - double than a penis - the clitoris is the only organ in the human body whose solo function is pleasure. In fact, 70-80% of vulva owners prefer or require clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. The head of the clitoris is under a piece of skin called the clitoral hood, about 1-2 inches from the vagina entrance. You can start stimulating your clitoris slow and increase speed and intensity as you go as it can be quite sensitive. 
  • G-Spot: Located inside the vagina, the G-Spot is a very famous erogenous zone for vulva owners. When we stimulate the G-Spot we're actually stimulating part of the clitoris, and the exact location can vary from person to person which explains why some people have a hard time finding it. Intense stimulation of the G-Spot can also lead to female ejaculation, aka squirting. The best way to reach it is to lift your finger or toy upward toward the belly button in a "come hither" motion.

pillow talk sassy gpot stimulation

  • A-Spot: The Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone, aka A-Spot, is a spot in the inner ends of the vaginal canal, between the cervix and the bladder. When you hit a hard spot in the vagina where you cannot penetrate any further, take some time to explore the area. It might feel pleasurable, strange, or just a sense of fullness. Some people find this area extremely sensitive and like to be touched while others don't. A great way to stimulate the A-Spot is with deep penetration. 

The Penis

  • P-SpotThe prostate, also known as the P-Spot, is full of nerve endings that can provide intense pleasure when stimulate. This gland is located about 3-4 inches inside the rectum, just under the bladder. The P-Spot can be stimulated internally or externally. Because it can be somewhat hard to reach it, some sex toys really come in handy in this case. We wrote an entire article on how to stimulate the prostate.
  • Perineum: This is the area between the anus and the scrotum ( fun fact: vulva owners also have a perineum between the anus and the vulva). Many people enjoy being stimulate in this area because it can be quite sensitive. You can use your hands, mouth or a sex toy while having penetrative or oral sex. This area can also be stimulated during a handjob to intensify the pleasure. 

The Anus

The rectum has many nerve endings and for those who are willing to try it out, the payoffs are incredible. The anus can be stimulated from the outside and from the inside, as a form to be aroused or as the main event. A great way to start exploring this erogenous zones is by kissing and licking the area. While it can be thickly and feel different, this type of stimulation can take your pleasure to new heights. After you're comfortable with the area being touch, you can experiment with a finger or with a butt plug.

The Nipples

Nipple stimulation lights up the same areas of the brain than genital stimulation. You can start touching the areola before moving onto the nipple. The great part of nipple stimulation is that almost anything goes here: licking, kissing, touching, using a vibrator... If you partner enjoys, you can also be rougher and bite or use toys like nipple clamps.   

The not so known hot spots

The Ears

They make the top of the list for many people, and are for sure one of our favourite erogenous spots. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pleasuring ears because they have sensitive skin on the outside and numerous sensory receptors on the inside. You can explore your partner's ears by touching, kissing, liking and/or bitting. You can also take it to a whole 'nother level by whispering sexy words to your partner. 

The Nape of the Neck

When it comes to the neck, even the slightest touch can make your entire body tickle. It's such a sexy place because it's also a vulnerable place. This is a great spot to try different types of kisses, from the wet and long one to the small and discreet kiss. A lot of people also enjoy being stroked before and during sex. 

The Fingertips

The fingertips are one of the most sensitive areas to touch in the body. Take your time to touch your partner's body with your fingertips, special attention to the palm of the hands that are not far behind in sensitiveness. You can also take one finger at a time to your mouth, sucking them lightly and/or giving small bites. 

The Stomach

Another hot spot worth exploring is the stomach. Being so close to your genitals, your belly is especially arousing. You can use your tongue, fingers, or even a sex toy to stimulate the area. The stomach is also a great spot to play with temperature (you can use an ice cube for example) and with food (how about that whipped cream?).   

The Knees

The back of the knees are another neglected area that have enormous erogenous potential. This spot is extra sensible and can feel a little ticklish for some people. You can give extra attention to the back of the knees with a nice massage on your way up or down the leg. You could also explore the area with some kissing and/or sex toys.

The Feet

Specific spots in the bottom of the feed can increase blood flow and enhance arousal. Massaging the feet is also a great way to relax your partner. Start your way with a light touch and increase pressure as you go, paying attention to what your partner enjoys. If you're into it, you can also kiss and lick the feet and toes. 

Ok.. But what about my erogenous zones?

Finding out what are your erogenous zones really comes down to experimenting. Some of the zones we've talked about might turn you on and some might not, and that's ok. You can use them as a guideline, but the fun part is to figure out what works for your body. Stimulating the right spots can bring a lot of playfulness into your sex life.

Next time you masturbate, or have sex, explore different areas of your body to find out your erogenous zones. Though some areas might seem strange, you'll never know until you give it a try. Once you have an idea of your "road map" you can also stimulate it on different ways. 

Exploring different sensations

Feeling different things on our hot spots can be an amazing way to turn you on. You can experiment how it feels when you touch with your hands or your mouth. You could also play with the temperature in that area by using an ice cube for example. You can also try different pressures or speeds when stimulating a certain area. 

Using sex toys

Sex toys can also be a fun way to explore your erogenous zones. Instead of using them only on your genitals, use it on your other hot spots too. The vibrations will heighten the sensations. Another advantage of using toys is that some of them are made especially to be use throughout your body. The Passion Wheel is one example of a toy that can be really fun to play with. 

The takeaway 

Erogenous zones are a great way to explore your body and lead you to better sex. We've listed some hot spots here, but no way this list is exhaustive. So take the time to find out what you like and what feels good in your body, and your partners. The best way to make the most out of it? Communicate, experiment, communicate some more, and repeat. 

We want to hear from you: what else would you add to the list?  

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