Erotic accessories, other than sex toys, are great to enhance your sexual experiences and add new sensations to your sex. When we think about sex accessories what comes to mind, most of the time is BDSM accessories. However, there are many other products with different end results. 

Types of accessories to use during sex


Kinky or BSDM gear is a great way to explore a different side of yourself. From bondage restraints to whips, and everything in between, these accessories can be used in a domination and submission setting or for sadism and/or masochism. BDSM accessories are an exciting way to inflict pain or control a partner. If you are new to BDSM, you can start exploring with blindfolds or handcuffs. Gag, spank, or tease your partner with our collection of kinky accessories. 

Swings & Furniture 

Swings and sex furniture are designed to allow you to enjoy unlimited positions. They make new positions easier and more satisfying by deepening the angle of penetration, providing support for certain positions, and making the sex more comfortable and/or easier if you will. Sex furniture, like pillows or ramps, have specific angles to help you make the most out of it. Another advantage of swings and sex furniture is that they are made of body-safe materials that are easy to clean, and they can safely support everybody.

Sex Toy Attachments

These accessories are designed specifically to be used with sex toys. Attachments allow you to explore new sensations without having to buy a different toy. Some sex toys come with special attachments included, and some you can buy separately. One of the most popular types of attachment is for Wands - they are attached to the head of the wand and can have a shaft and/or textured nubs, for example. 

When buying sex toys attachments please note that they might be specific to a certain type of toy. Only some attachments can be used with a variety of brands and types of sex toys.