It's time for some butt work. Discover the hidden delights of anal play with sex toys in different shapes and sizes.

To reach out to new ways of pleasure you need to understand what type of stimulation your body really enjoys. Many of us believe that this is possible only by exploring your vulvas and/or penises, but anal sex is a source of hidden pleasure. Different bodies will experience different sensations while using a butt toy, however... most people with penises say it's a great way to stimulate their prostate glans (aka P-Spot) and reach new pleasure heights. Vulva owners can also have an amazing time with anal play. Using an anal toy can stimulate all of the nerves in the wall between the vagina and the anus, activating pelvic floor muscle contractions that occur during orgasm.

Why do people use anal toys?

One of the main reasons to use anal toys is for safety. Using toys that have a flared base or a safety strap ensures you have a worry-free time without unwanted objects getting stuck inside you. Using everyday objects for anal stimulation can be dangerous because the rectum actually has a vacuum-like pressure that pulls in the opposite direction (inside). The anal canal doesn't end - it leads straight to the colon - so the chances of you hurting yourself are real. 

Another great reason is that feels really good. We can’t really tell you what you’ll feel, but we have summarized some of the most popular reasons why people love anal sex, maybe you will get inspired by them. 

  • It feels like double penetration
  • Having a butt plug during sex - penetration or solo play - can make you enjoy it even more, who doesn't like to have it all at once? 

  • It feels more intense
  • For some people cumming may be something really difficult. Anal stimulation adds a new layer of sensations and pleasure, that can take you to new types of orgasms. Combining with other types of stimulation, like touching your clitoris or penis, can feel amazing. 

  • It feels forbidden - in a sexy kind of way
  • Some people say that it feels taboo, dirty, and combining that with their pleasure can be very interesting. 

    Now that we know that trying the backdoor can be an amazing experience lets get to know what type of toys we can use for anal play. 

    Type of toys for butt play

    Butt Plugs

    This type of toy does exactly what you are thinking, they plug up your butt. Some people like to use it as a preparation for penetrative anal-sex, you can start with a small plug and work your way up to a real penis. But remember, unlike the vagina, the rectum doesn’t self-lubricate, so the use of lube is extremely important for a safe and pleasurable experience. Our suggestion is to start with the Anal training set from We-vibe

    Anal Beads

    This sex toy consists of spheres or balls attached together that can be continuously inserted through the anus varying the speed according to your preference. Anal Beads are a great option for beginners since you can insert ball by ball until you feel ready to move in and out, the movement stimulates the nerve endings of your sphincter to feel like you are basically massaging your back hole. One of our favourites is the Love Beads by Satisfyer. 

    Prostate Stimulators 

    The best option for all P-spot owners. Historically, straight men have been terrified of putting anything in their butt, such a damn shame. Thanks to these babies, prostate owners can explore one of the most pleasurable parts of their bodies. This is the male version of a G-Spot (aka P-Spot), you gotta explore it. The Backdoor Rabbit is a great option to start intensifying your orgasms. 


    For the folks who are already familiar with anal play, you may want to try playing with regular dildos. This type of toy mimics a real penis but can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Just make sure it has a flared base, meaning that it’s wider at the bottom of the toys than at the tip, for security reasons. 

    Douche and Lubricant Launcher

    Lubricant applicator and medical play prop, this string is not a toy but a must-have accessory for anal play. Great for deep cleaning and applying lube to your anus, make sure to get yours to enhance your experience. Using an anal douche can help you to feel comfortable and more confident before play. 

    What to look for on a butt toy?


    If you (or your bae) have never played with a backdoor toy before, either you start exploring this area with your finger or you could start using a toy with the approximate size. Once that feels comfortable & pleasurable, work your way up! The same rule applies if you are used to butt penetration: stick to a plug that’s similar to what you’re used to and slowly increase the size as you want.


    • If you have prostate or are using it on a partner who does, look for a plug that’s curved to provide prostate stimulation
    • If you plan on using the plug for a while, look for one with a longer neck (the thinnest part between the phalange and the bulk of the plug).
    • If you have a vulva and are interested in wearing the plug during vaginal intercourse? Go for something straight like the Mini Plug


    It is necessary that your sex toys—butt plugs or otherwise—are made of body-safe materials such as silicone, stainless steel, hard plastic, glass, or wood. If you’re new to back door plugs, a softer material like silicone will likely be more comfortable.


    Special features such as vibration or weight can bring new sensations to the party. 

    Experience all the sensations a butt plug can give you!!! Enjoy it.