Being sexually empowered goes beyond using sex toys. Sometimes all we really need is to express ourselves or learn something new. For us, being sexually empowered is about celebrating sex and your sexuality. And this collection is all about that. 

A few things every sexual empowered person should have


Our selection of books is all about embracing your sexual self by learning new things and gaining knowledge. After all, who doesn’t love a good read? These books not only provide information, but also counterintuitive viewpoints that will make you take a deeper look into your sexual self. Our collection of books about sexuality is from trusted sources and not too clinical...or dry. 


It’s nice to mix things up every once in a while and try new things in bed. In case you haven’t tried them yet, sex games are a great way to explore uncharted territories. Sex games are mostly a fun and expert-endorsed way to interact with a partner(s), and potentially unlock new sexual fantasies. From sex dices to card decks, to board games, sex games are a sensational addition to your pleasure collection. 

Pins & Buttons

From handmade pins to personalized buttons, we have it all. These little accessories are a great way to showcase your personality, style, and how empowered you are. Not too big and not too small, you can pin them in your clothes, backpack, hats… and pretty much anywhere else! Sex pins and sex buttons are also great, and cute, gifts for your friend, partner, lover, pet, or kid. 


Decorate your water bottle, computer, helmet, and much more, with our sex theme stickers. Our stickers are exclusive for Izzy and made with eco-friendly material. Have fun choosing between our illustrations and sassy quotes stickers. 

Made by Izzy

These are products made by our amazing team to help you become more empowered. More than just sex toys and workshops, we want to provide you with incredible tools to take ownership of your sex life. A great way of thinking about these products is as sexual empowerment stuff. You can expect new things every other week, and all of them are made with you in mind.