Penis Toys

There are multiple ways to bring pleasure to a penis other than the traditional penetrative sex or handjob. Sex toys can bring new sensations into play because they do things we can’t unless you can make a penis vibrate on its own

There are more pleasure products for people with penises than you can think, and it’s time for them to get a chance to shine. Whether used for solo sex or with your partner, consider start taking advantage of sex toys, you’ll wonder why you never did.   

Popular toys for penises: 

Strokers and Sleeves 

Strokers are tunnel-shaped toys that replicate the sensations of penetration. There are a variety of strokers out there, varying in size, colour, material, and inside texture. Some of the most common ones are designed to look and feel like a real vulva. You also have the option to include add ons to your stroker and add new sensations. You could add a bullet vibrator to some strokers for example.  For easy clean up you can choose an open-ended design or a single-use one. These toys are small, discreet, and fairly inexpensive. 

One of our favourites is the EGG by Tenga. 

Cock Rings

Cock rings are a great option for those looking for a more consistent erection and to increase their sensitivity. This toy is simply a stretchy band that fits around the base of the penis and/or balls.  They are available in a range of materials, models, and with different features, such as added vibration. Cock rings can also be used during sex and, if they have vibrations or textures, can simulate the clitoris or prostate of your partner. Once you get your cock ring do not forget to read the instructions and make sure to not use it for a long time, some rinks should not be used longer than 20 minutes. One of our faves is the Pivot from We-vibe


A penis pump helps achieve an erection and/or temporarily increasing the size of a penis. It’s a pneumatic bulb tube that you can insert the penis inside and start pumping. The vacuum suction pulls more blood into vessels for a harder, possibly larger than normal erection. Pumps can be used before sex or for solo play - you can try edging with these ones. To make it more pleasurable it’s possible to find penis pumps with vibrations.  

Male vibrators

Vibrations go well with pretty much every sex toy and penis toys wouldn’t be different. Many vibrators are versatile and can be used in all areas of your body, but we know that when they are meant to be used in a specific organ it will probably be awesome. Male vibrators are usually built into sleeve or tube shapes, but there are a lot of options to choose from, use your creativity and preferences to pick one. One of our favourites is the Wand by We-Vibe that comes with a stroker attachment. 

Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a hidden gem that is located about 2 inches inside the anal canal. It can be stimulated internally (anal play) or externally (via the perineum). Prostate massagers are a great way to stimulate a P-Spot and can lead to amazing orgasms. Prostate orgasms are reported to be more intense than a regular one, but this can vary from person to person. 

Now that you are familiar with a range of different types of toys you are ready to choose the one that fits your preferences. Just make sure you always look for quality materials and designs that work for your needs.