Designed initially as a medical device in the 19th century, it has gone on to become our best friend, a celebrity talking point, and a feminist cause. Vibrators, sometimes called massagers, are electric-powered sex toys designed for pleasure. Whether you are looking for a Wand, G-spot, Rabbit, or a Bullet Vibrator, we've got you covered.

How to choose a vibrator?

Body shapes and sexual preferences change - a lot - from person to person, so there is no surprise that we have so many types of sex toys out there. Finding the best vibrator for you is a very personal, sometimes challenging, but always a pleasurable task.  Since there are many options in the market, Izzy is here to help.

To begin, it’s important to know that there is not a right or wrong way to use a vibrator, and one toy can have many different uses. Outside of inserting a small vibrator without a flatted base anally, there isn’t a particular way you can interact with toys. Most vibrators fall under one of these categories. 

Types of vibrators

Inside vibes

Internal toys are great for folks who like penetration. With different shapes, these toys are great for G-Spot or anal stimulation. They have often shaped as long cylinders that can thrust, rotate and/or vibrate. Some of them have a phallic shape, aka penis-shape. One of our faves is the Live 2.

Outside Vibes

they’re the choice for folks who want to stimulate their genitals without penetration. Most of the external toys are focused on clitoris stimulation, but they can also be used on different erogenous zones, such as the nipples, the penis, or the ears. These toys have many different looks and shapes. Some of the most popular sex toys are for external stimulation: wands and suction toys. One of our faves is the Magic Wand

Double Vibes

As the name suggests these toys are a combo of internal and external stimulation. They became widely known after Charlotte from Sex and the City discovered the rabbit vibrator. The classical dual stimulation toy has a shaft for penetration and bunny ears for external stimulation. Nowadays these toys have evolved and we can find different shapes, sizes, and functions. One of our faves is the Chorus.

Back Vibes

While you can have an anal play with internal or combo vibrators, these toys are designed specifically for backdoor lovers. For anal play you want to use a toy that has a flatted base or handle so it doesn’t get stuck or lost inside of you - the rectum can act as a vacuum when it contracts and can suck objects.  Some of the most well known anal vibrators are the butt plugs. One of our faves is the Backdoor Rabbit.

Penis Vibes

These vibrators are designed for folks with a penis. The most popular ones are the cock rings. These vibrating rings are an excellent choice for those who want to improve and maintain erections or for some extra stimulation. Penis focused toys can be used during masturbation or for partnered sex. When used with a partner, these toys can stimulate the clitoris or the perineum for example. One of our faves is the Pivot

Other things to consider when choosing a vibrator:  

  • Size/shape: When it comes to the size and shape of vibrators you can go from technical plug-in machines to fancy jewelry design. To choose the one that might meet your expectations, think about what it normally takes to get you off. Especially for those looking for internal vibrators, think about what type of sensations you always want. Do you prefer a deep penetration or a toy with a wider girth? Do you want something that is easy to hold or that you don’t have to hold at all?  
  • Material: One thing you want to pay attention to is the type of material your vibrator is made of. This is important so you know how to clean your toy properly, what type of lubricant you should use, and how they feel when in contact with the skin. Vibrators can be made of different materials, but nowadays silicone has become one of the most popular ones. While being more expensive, they are soft to the touch, body-safe, and nonporous. Toys that are made of porous materials, like jelly rubber, can still contain some bacteria after washing. For these ones, the best option is to use a condom, especially if you're going to share it with a partner.
  • Function: Pulse, rotate, thrust, buzz, suction… the type of vibration and sensation you like calls from some trial and error according to Dr. Holly Richmond, and really comes down to discovering what gets you going. Many toys have different settings that allow you to try different patterns, intensities, and types of vibrations. One way to find out what type of vibration would work for you is to think of how you like to be touched.  

 For those who like history check out How the Vibrator came to be!