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Starting as a small business in the end of 2019, we have big dreams. The passion for empowering women started on our personal journeys and become something bigger and bigger with time. At Izzy, we wholeheartedly believe in a world where every self-identified woman is empowered.

How the heck are you going to do that?!

We believe a HUGE step in the journey to empowerment is owning your sexuality.  Sex is something beautiful, natural and pretty damn good, and it should be treated like that. Owning your pleasure has positive ripple effects in other areas of your life, like self-confidence, optimism, empathy and speaking up and sharing ideas more in work, school, social, family and relationship situations*. You need to embrace this part of your life to fully become the badass woman you're meant to be.

this is us

Sex Positive

We need to talk about sex because we were left outside the conversation for way too long. Many people think sex shouldn’t be discussed or explored, or that women’s pleasure doesn’t matter. And sometimes we have this beliefs within ourselves as well. 

But the truth is, our pleasure is important. Actually, it’s our right.

Our goal is provide you with nothing but the highest quality of products, courses & workshops, and content, that are guaranteed to meet your needs and keep you cuming for more.

Because we care

Doing Good, Feeling Good

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We are a new kind of business that balances pleasure and purpose. We consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, community, suppliers, and the environment.

We are a company made by women, for women. We believe that empowered women, empower women. So, join a community of women-identified people working hard to own their sexuality.

And remember, every orgasm counts.

Good for the planet

Eco Packaging

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* Study conducted by OMGyes. Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, UC Davis and Willamette University are still analyzing that data and expect to publish the paper this year.

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