Hot Octopuss Amo Vibrator
Hot Octopuss Amo Vibrator
Hot Octopuss Amo Vibrator
Hot Octopuss Amo Vibrator
Hot Octopuss Amo Vibrator
Hot Octopuss Amo Vibrator
Hot Octopuss


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The bullet that combines serious power with carefully placed contours and curves

It’s hard to believe that such a petite toy can pack such a powerful punch. Enclosed in AMO’s premium-grade silicone casing lies a large and powerful motor that produces seriously deep and rumbly vibrations. Combined with strategically placed curves that enable you to switch between pinpoint and all-encompassing vibrations, you’ll be coming under fire in no time!

Let’s cut to the chase: AMO is powerful. Like really powerful. That being said, thanks to its extensive range, AMO also has a more placid side. Start slow with gentle yet rumbly entry-level vibrations, or go all guns blazing and turn AMO up to the max for an earth-shattering experience.

Sometimes we’re in the mood for those targeted pinpoint vibrations and on other occasions, we just want to feel those warm broad vibrations travel all over our bodies. Well, wherever your fancy takes you, AMO’s sweeping and carefully placed contours have you covered. Ideal for adding clitoral stimulation during sex. Small and discreet, Amo is perfectly shaped to slide in between you. Ideal for giving you that extra something just when you need it.

Despite Amo’s extreme power, it’s also whisper quiet. Great for those times you don’t want anyone knowing what you’re up to. Because better is better, Amo is 100% waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the shower, bath or hot tub.


Length: 3.8" | Girth: 3.4" at largest point | Width: 0.9" at largest point | Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone | Power Source: Lithium Battery | Special Features:  Hypoallergenic, Phthalate Free, USB Rechargeable, Travel Lock, Waterproof


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I want to thank y'all for such an amazing experience. I was so impressed with your online support and beyond happy with the toy I got. Now I can finally say I can orgasm with masturbation. Thank you, thank you!

M.L - Toronto, ON

From the deepest cockles of my heart, thank you! The challenge made me feel so confident about myself and my sexuality. Every time someone talks about something sex related I'm sending them your way. THANK YOU!

G.C - Calgary, AB