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Dildos are the sex toys that started it all, and to this day one of the most purchased toys. In fact, three out of four Americans have a dildo. Even though they are so popular, people still don't know some of the basics aspects of a dildo. Thus this class! 

Dil-do's and Dil-don'ts is all about dildos. Luna Matatas, a sex and pleasure educator, will teach everything you need to know, but was too ashamed to ask. These sex toys are intended for penetration, and they come in different sizes, colours, and materials. They seem pretty basic, but there are some things you need to be aware of before getting one for yourself. 

 In this course, you'll learn:

  • Myths and Facts. Because dildos have been around for so long, there are many tales around them. The first part of our course is about understanding some of these myths and learning new facts about dildos.
  • Choosing a Dildo. What should you consider before making a purchase? There are tons of dildos out there varying in colours, materials, sizes, and many other options. Luna will show you a few fan favourite toys and give you tips on how to choose one for yourself. 
  • Using a Dildo. This part is all about maximizing your pleasure when using a dildo. We'll share a few tips and techniques for you to make the most out of your toy. You'll also learn how to take care of your dildo. 

This course is for any and every body. Maybe you're curious about dildos, or want to finally get one for yourself, or maybe you have a dildo at home but have no idea how to use them. Whatever the reason is, we got you! With lifetime access, you can watch this class as many times as you want until you become a dildo expert. 


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sex educator

Luna Matatas

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator with over 10 years of experience in sexual health and wellness internationally and locally.

Luna's playful approach to sexuality draws on the creativity, confidence and communication skills we all need to fulfill our pleasure potentials. She teaches people how to build a better relationship to their bodies, practice empathy with their partner's insecurities and needs, and how to get curious about their erotic imagination.

Luna's classes are trauma and equity informed and include pleasure topics like anal play to feminine dominance to how to have a threesome. Luna is the creator of Peg the Patriarchy, Meditate Medicate Masturbate and Fuck Like a Goddess brands