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G-Spot & Squirting

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What is the G-Spot and how the heck can I find it? Does vulva owners can squirt? How do I know if squirting is real and not pee? 

If you ever wondered about the answer to these questions, we're happy to tell you that this course is for you! Sex education probably let you down when it comes to the hot spots of a vulva and how to have more pleasure out of it. The truth is many of us have no idea how to find our G-Spot nor how to have powerful orgasms that can lead to ejaculation, aka squirting. 

Whether you have a vulva, or you are the partner of someone with a vulva, this class is about to take you to a whole 'nother level. Luna Matatas, a sex and pleasure sex educator, talks about everything you need to know about this hot spot and the female ejaculation.  

In this class, you'll learn:

  • G-Spot Anatomy. The G-spot is an erogenous zone inside the vagina and we are going to teach you how to *finalyy* find it. 
  • Stimulating the G-Spot. Now that we know where our G-Spot is located, let's dive in on how to stimulate it. We'll show you a few techniques and some sex toys designed specifically for this hot spot.  
  • Squirting. Luna will explain what exactly is squirting and how it happens. After we understand the basics, we'll get to the good stuff: how to actually squirt. You'll learn a few techniques to make you ejaculate. 
  • Communication. Another very important step in this journey is communicating with your partner and understanding their unique preferences. Every body is different, and we'll teach you how to take what you learn and apply in your life.
  • Managing Mess. Ejaculating can be messy, so let's talk about how to manage it so it doesn't interfere with your pleasure. 

With lifetime access, you can watch this course as many times as you want and learn new things each time. This course is for you if you have a vulva and want to potentialize your pleasure, want to please a vulva owner and/or want to learn more about G-Spots and squirting. You can take your sex life to a whole new level today! 

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sex educator

Luna Matatas

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator with over 10 years of experience in sexual health and wellness internationally and locally.

Luna's playful approach to sexuality draws on the creativity, confidence and communication skills we all need to fulfill our pleasure potentials. She teaches people how to build a better relationship to their bodies, practice empathy with their partner's insecurities and needs, and how to get curious about their erotic imagination.

Luna's classes are trauma and equity informed and include pleasure topics like anal play to feminine dominance to how to have a threesome. Luna is the creator of Peg the Patriarchy, Meditate Medicate Masturbate and Fuck Like a Goddess brands