Lelo Luna Beads Kegel Balls
Lelo Luna Beads Kegel Balls
Lelo Luna Beads Kegel Balls
Lelo Luna Beads Kegel Balls
Lelo Luna Beads Kegel Balls
Lelo Luna Beads Kegel Balls

Luna Beads

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The Lelo bead system is a combined pleasure/fitness system for the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Developed as a modular alternative to traditional 'ben wa' or 'geisha-balls', the Luna Beads offer the advantage of increased resistance over time.  Their movement-induced subtle vibes make for more efficient, fun, and pleasurable Kegel exercising. Indeed, benefits of daily use include increased muscular control, enhanced sensation, and ultra-intense orgasms. Classic set of two 28-gram beads, two 37-gram beads, 35 mm in diameter and the composition girdle comes presented in an elegant gift box and includes a user manual, satin pouch for stylish storage

Toned PC muscles also increase circulation to the pelvic region and neuromuscular control to avoid urinary incontinence, aid in prenatal preparation, and postpartum recovery.  Different weight of balls ensures a comfortable and convenient workout that helps strengthen the vaginal wall and PC muscles through effective Kegel exercising.
The Luna Beads  offer an efficient PC muscle workout when worn during a variety of activities: running, walking, swimming – even sitting – will instigate reflexive PC muscle contractions.


    Diameter: 1.1’’ (Mini) / 1.4’’ (Classic) | Girdle Size: 3.0x1.2x0.4” (Mini) / 3.5x1.4x0.6'' (Classic) | Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone

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    I want to thank y'all for such an amazing experience. I was so impressed with your online support and beyond happy with the toy I got. Now I can finally say I can orgasm with masturbation. Thank you, thank you!

    M.L - Toronto, ON

    From the deepest cockles of my heart, thank you! The challenge made me feel so confident about myself and my sexuality. Every time someone talks about something sex related I'm sending them your way. THANK YOU!

    G.C - Calgary, AB