Jelique Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm Balm

Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm

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A sweetly flavoured lickable treat from Jelique, Nipple Nibbler Tingle Balm adds lots of chilly toe-curling tingle to erogenous zones, from lips to nipples and beyond. Comes in 4 flavours - playmates won't be able to keep lips and tongue off each other.

  • Raspberry Rave - ravenous raspberries swirled into a sweet, sexy sorbet.
  • Strawberry Twist - plump strawberries mingled with sweet vanilla sugar.
  • Melon Madness - a sexy medley of summer lovin' watermelon and ravishing honeydew.
  • Pink Lemonade - pucker up lemon tartness tickled with sweet red berry.

Gliding smoothly over and around desired areas, this foreplay-ready enhancer sweetens the skin, adds eye-catching glossiness, and creates that namesake tingle. Apply to the lips pre-kiss or massage directly onto nipples, nape of the neck, clitoris, and otherwise to complement playful licks, nips, tugs, and pinches. 

Vegan | Cruelty-Free