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Did you know that cis-women are 4 times more likely to say that sex was not pleasurable in the last year? The pleasure gap is real and we believe a big way of closing the gap is through education. Vulva owners have an amazing orgasmic potential and part of it sits on the vulva with the solo purpose of providing pleasure. 

This course is all about pleasuring vulvas and how to catapult your solo or partnered sex into new pleasure heights. Luna Matatas, a sex and pleasure educator, will walk your through the vulva anatomy and how to proper stimulate one. This is game changer my friend. Once you understand what's a vulva and how to please one, the sky is the limit. 

This course is for you if you have a vulva or you have a partner with a vulva. Even if you consider yourself a vulva expert, by the end of this class you'll have a much deeper understanding of vulva pleasure. Are you ready to have new orgasmic experiences?

You'll learn about:

  • Vulva Anatomy. First things first. Before we dive into how to please a vulva owner, we need to understand what is the vulva (hint: the vagina is just a part of it). Luna will teach you all the hot spots in a vulva.
  • Techniques. Learn how to proper stimulate a vulva and how to touch each of the hot spots. You'll acquire new skills and build a complete toolbox of tips and techniques to try. 
  • Sex Toys. What are some of the best sex toys for a vulva owner? Luna will show you a few options, talking about the benefits and drawbacks of each one. We'll also talk about lubricants and why they are so important. 
  • Communication. We close this course talking about how to express what we like and don't during sex, and how to be a more responsive partner. Is all about taking everything from this course and adapting to yourself and/or your partner.

    With lifetime access, you can watch this course as many times as you want. By the end of it, you'll be a vulva connoisseur and will be taking your pleasure to new heights! 

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    sex educator

    Luna Matatas

    Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator with over 10 years of experience in sexual health and wellness internationally and locally.

    Luna's playful approach to sexuality draws on the creativity, confidence and communication skills we all need to fulfill our pleasure potentials. She teaches people how to build a better relationship to their bodies, practice empathy with their partner's insecurities and needs, and how to get curious about their erotic imagination.

    Luna's classes are trauma and equity informed and include pleasure topics like anal play to feminine dominance to how to have a threesome. Luna is the creator of Peg the Patriarchy, Meditate Medicate Masturbate and Fuck Like a Goddess brands