Rashida Ahmed Sacred Sexual Energy Course
Rashida Ahmed

Sacred Sexual Energy

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In modern society, sex is completely externally focused, and there is a big misconception that sex is dirty, forbidden, or wrong. But in fact, sex is sacred. This physical act provides a direct connection to your cosmic energy and merges your spirit with your body. 

We're not talking about it in a churchy way, don't worry. Sacred sex is really about the consciousness and awareness which we bring to the act, elevating it from mere physical pleasure to a spiritual experience of growth. This course is all about understand what is this energy and how it affects your life and your relationships. 

Learning about sacred sexual energy is a breakthrough on how we experience sex and how we can tap into our creativity, manifestation, and clearing of stagnant energy. This course is for you if you want to have a deeper connection with your body, spirit, and partner. 

You'll learn about:

  • Sacred Sexual Energy. First things first. Before we dive into how to harness your sacred sexual energy, we'll talk about what is it. Rashida explains the historical and cultural significance as well as touching on the conception of life, Tantra and Taoism.
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy. Learn the differences between masculine and feminine energy and how each can manifest into our beings regardless of gender. Rashida also teaches you how to use the duality of energies to promote healing and soothing to our spirits and body.
  • Sacred Sexuality. How to increase and facilitate connectivity and intimacy? In this session, Rashida will give you activities and tips to tap into your sacred energy. We'll talk about how sacred energy is transferred and transmuted during partnered sex, and how the sacred energy can affect different aspects of your life. 
  • Sex Positions. We close this course talking about some amazing sex positions that increase and promote sacred sexual energy transmutation and energy alignment. Rashida will give you some tips on how to do this positions and potentialize your pleasure. 

    With lifetime access, you can watch this course as many times as you want. By the end of it, you'll be tuned with your sacred sexual energy and taking your life, and your pleasure, to new heights. 

    This course also includes downloadable material. 

    Sex Educator and coach

    Rashida Ahmed

    Rashida Ahmed is a regionally recognized sex educator and coach, who has been helping to empower women all over the world.

    Rashida helps women all over the world shed their sexual shame and embrace and increase their sexual pleasure and well being. She has studied Psychology and Sexual Studies, has over 20 years of theoretical experience and brings her wealth of knowledge and practical teaching style to her group classes and individual coaching sessions.